‘Educated’ Tara Westover Penguin Books 2018

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This book is extraordinary.

This story is extraordinary.Tara Westover

Tara Westover is extraordinary!

Tara Westover grew up in Bucks Peak Idaho in mountainous terrain in rural America. Her family were devout Mormon’s, her father a radical preparing for the ‘End of Days’ her mother a midwife and herbalist, she had a violent older brother and another brother and sister just trying to make their way like her.

Westover never went to school, never saw a doctor, her birth was never even registered – she didn’t exist in the eyes of the state. Her fathers’ suspicion of government, and poor mental health, degenerated as his family grew. Westover worked in her father’s scrapyard as a child and young teenager and her fathers disregard for his children’s safety in the scrapyard and in everyday life burgeons on the criminal and at times forces you to but the book down for a while as it’s so hard to stomach.

Age sixteen Tara Westover decides to educate herself against her family’s strong wishes and her journey of education takes her all the way to Harvard and Cambridge! Her talent cannot be held back even though the struggle of living her life applying her talent to the world while attempting to remain loyal to her family cause her a very large and personal struggle.

Tara Westovers extraordinary eye for describing what it is to live along with her beautiful human insights on life combined with her uncommon upbringing create a story described with a heart as open as that of God himself making this story and how it is written almost divine. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Tara Westover is a modern day heroine.


The book in haiku:

Bucks Peak Idahio

Family fidelity

The world is calling


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  1. I had not heard of this book until I read Sarah’s review. Sarah, thank you for this very well written review. You present this book as a very interesting read. I’m looking forward to reading it and recommending it to my book club. Poppy

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