This blog is for all book lovers.

It is primarily driven by book reviews which are just  like recommendations you would give to a friend on a book you read. They will not be heavy literary critiques but a critical eye will have assessed the book.

The blog is filled with interesting articles, interviews and news from the publishing world as well as helpful suggestions on how to read and assess books for book clubs and anyone interested in reading on a deeper level.

I am a qualified librarian, former bookseller and book club member and I hope to find as many of you out there for whom books are as central in your lives as they are in mine.  I tag each book in a category I think it belongs and will make special recommendations for book club choices. To find the category you are looking for just click on the links on the right side of the page or browse through the archives.

Every reader and author knows books belong in a community so comments and feedback are always very welcome. Check out the blog for ways to get in touch.


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  1. This blog is a wonderful idea – I can’t wait to see what you cover next!

  2. Sarah an informative and well written ‘literary column’. I always meant to read the time travellers wife but then kept forgetting about it again. Sarah you’ve made up my mind to get both books now. Thanks for the great crit and the enthusiastic reminder . Poppy 🙂

  3. f you are mirror image twins it means that you are also identical twins. Mirror image twins are created when the fertilised egg splits quite late (around …
    http://www.twinsrealm.com/twinsfaq.htm – Cached – Similar –

    I’ve answered my own question….still enjoying the book!

  4. I read her fearful symmetry too and never quite new what mirror twins were…thanks for answering the question for me too! I love audrey niffinger but I think I enjoyed the time travellers wife more…I hope she has a new book this year 🙂

  5. I was really interested to find out about the mirror twins as I’d never heard of them before. Finished the book last night and miss it ! I hadn’t read anything by Audrey Niffenegger before. Intend reading the time travellers wife next.

    • I’m delighted you are enjoying Audrey Niffenger her novels are really different. Let us know what you think of the Time Travellers Wife when you read it 🙂

  6. These reviews are simply wonderful! So lively and so tempting – each one a ‘taste treat’ for the book. And discerning enough to enable me to separate out the books I do and don’t want to read

  7. Great site. I’m off to buy The Outlander based on your recommendation!

  8. Sarah! This blog is so cool, congratulations! The book I was talking about that I think you’ll love is ‘Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother’!

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