Is romantic Ireland dead and gone?..not with the click of your mouse

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‘Fishing in Beirut’ Steven Callaghan, Blue Press, September 2010.

Whoever said Irish writing and the Irish Publishing industry is in decline hasn’t read Fishing in Beirut. I say this for two reasons. 1. Steven Callaghan is a super brand new Irish voice in writing and 2. This novel is being published, serialized, online. Fishing in Beirut is an ambitious novel which delivers on many levels and the serialization of this story, online, is one of the most original ways I have encountered a novel.  It is the story of five modern characters living in Paris. It has tangible descriptions of Paris, iconic landmarks we all know mixed in with gritty characters that reveal, through their stories, the underbelly of Parisian life that also exists. It is made up of short scenes, beautiful and sometimes poignant literary sentences that you will want to linger over. Each scene and character portrait is full of promise and you feel a culmination building the deeper you go into the novel. Callaghan’s writing is a reward in itself but is balanced with very humanly drawn out characters which makes this literary debut also a compelling page turner. What I especially loved about this novel was the Hemmingway reminiscent food descriptions which often made me hungry. With a new scene released every day I have found myself eagerly logging on. Forget the e-reader or the kindle; online publishing is clearly where it’s at. If this novel is heralding in a new era in contemporary Irish literary fiction, I for one am in. Is romantic Ireland dead and gone? No way…not with the click of your mouse!

Haiku; One Irish author, Five characters in Paris, fantastic debut

Click here to view this book on Blue Press Publishing


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  1. I must check it out, sounds like a cool idea.

  2. I clicked on the link and started reading this book based on your review, and I’m really glad I did. Thanks for making me aware of it, all your reviews are great!

  3. Is this book Fishing In Beirut out yet in print. I’ve read parts of it on line but I’d love to read it as a book. Very good review Sarah. As usual you hit the nail on the head. I read a lot of your recommendations and I’d love to read more of other’s comments on the books you review and on the reviews you write. Well done, From Eve

    • Hi Eve,
      This is a great book alright and will be available in hardback in the next few months which is very exciting. Thanks so much for reading the recommendations and your comments are always welcome hopefully we’ll get some lively debate going!

      Stay in touch

  4. I just found this review. I have ordered it on Thank you

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