When Breath Becomes Air Paul Kalanithi Vintage 2016

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when breath becomes air

For those with the nerve to look into the face of death Paul Kalanthi’s story of receiving a terminal illness diagnosis at the age of just thirty-six is a story that will bring you face to face with the dragon.

Paul Kalanithi was a talented neurosurgeon with a degree in English Literature which he has used so eloquently to write his story of life in the face of a diagnosis of inoperable lung cancer.  Through his writing Paul looks to answer the questions of ‘how to live a meaningful life’ and ‘how to live a life that is good enough’ for himself and as a gift for us the reader.

Amongst the honesty and poetry of Paul’s words as he searches for these answers, Paul’s story of receiving his diagnosis, his treatments and final passing is heartbreaking but it also donates the loan of Paul’s honesty and valour to the reader to use to bear to look into the face of death.

Despite the subject matter this book is not dark and depressing but is an affirming and focused exploration of what it is to live and love in the world and to die and leave the world. Unsettling, poignant, poetic and necessary.

The book in haiku; when breath becomes air, when doctor becomes patient, when we look at life

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